Five Myths On Child Support – Busted!

Child support is always a sensitive issue during a divorce and not only for the parent who is taking the custody but also for the parent who is going to pay child support. Among the biggest myths out there is that mothers have priority when it comes to custody – in fact, there are many fathers out there who raise their kids on their own. Another myth is that all custodial parents benefit from child support payments – about half of all single parents who own the full custody receive payments from the other parent. Let’s debunk other common myths on this hot subject.

Child support is something handled at the federal level

The reality is there are no national guidelines when it comes to child support, so your trusted child custody lawyer and the judge need to rely on the state rules regarding this problem. As you probably know, each state has its own rules on child support and custody, which can be moulded for every case, making everything even more subjective.

Child support is a direct system

Child support is not direct and if the court suspects the parent who receives the payments is misusing them, they can call the child custody lawyer and make changes to the initial agreement. The misuse of the funds implies anything which doesn’t have to do with the child, so make sure you always use the money for the kids if you have the custody.

Child support decisions are final

Child support agreements are never final; because things always change during the time the kid is entitled to receive the payments. Life is unpredictable and you never know when the child or the paying parent might suffer an accident which leaves them disabled, a severe illness or something else which can and will change the agreement.

Child support is tax deductible

The receiver can’t claim it as income, while the payer can’t deduct it from the taxes. The only thing you can do, if you are the payer, is to make sure you keep all the documents which prove he made the payments, in the event of a lawsuit which claims he didn’t made them.

Child support ends when the kid turns 18

No, it doesn’t in some cases. Usually, the payments stop when the child is able to support himself, meaning he is not in a full time education facility. If the child suffers from a disabling illness the court might decide to extend the payments for his or her entire life. These are the most general rules, but it depends on each state to rule when the child support payments end.

Tips On Recruiting A Lawyer For You To Consider

You might be considering hiring a lawyer for any planning, employment and litigation needs as well any personal problems that you might be facing. You must figure out carefully as to whether you want to place importance on price, age, ethnicity or even location. You must consider these factors carefully if you want to recruit someone experienced enough to handle all your problems at hand. Here are some tips for you to focus on:

You must try to get as many referrals and references as possible from different solicitors that you do trust. You can even ask information from other accountants and lawyers. Sometimes you might have to talk to other people you know before in your past. Think about the legal matters which do need to sort themselves. Try to hire experienced estate lawyers Melbourne if you are facing any problems related to your properties.

You must carefully look for clues on the internet. The internet will give you several details about the person you are seeking to hire. Try to figure out the skill they have and what you are comfortable dealing with. Try to think about the website and the data which you can extract out of it too.

You must try your best to seek data which is important. First gather ample data on the estate lawyers you want to hire before you visit or call the office. The reputation of the firm is vital when you are looking into legal issues. Find someone who is skilled in the art of litigation. Figure out the members you would like to shortlist for the face to face interview.

You must do an in-depth interview in order to figure out whether the person is a good or bad fit for the organization. If you talk to someone through the phone it won’t be enough for you to figure anything out. Try to ask for a free consultation beforehand. This way you can find out whether it is worth hiring the person in question. Remember to ask as many questions as possible. Do not omit any details or key pieces of data which you are trying to solve regarding any legal matter. A solicitor has the knowledge and skill set to help you solve these issues. Get your paperwork in order first too. Try to go through as many previous case files as possible so that you can figure out whether the person has been blacklisted or not.

Know Your Rights Before You Accept A Job

For most of us, a job is just a straightforward way of making money; therefore, we rarely look into our rights and obligations when we accept a job. When something happens that harms us in the line of duty, most of us have no idea of what we can do to rectify the situation. Under international labour law, everyone has certain rights that must be guaranteed by an employer (if employed legally). Here are some of the rights you can expect when you are employed.

Full Awareness of the Nature of the Job

Many employers try to skate by this in order to get the employee to do more work than they are billed for; in many countries there is a legal obligation (or at least an ethical obligation) on the part of the employer to give the potential employee a complete job description prior to the commencement of the job. This is in order for you to receive a full awareness of the responsibilities and the risks involved in the job. Without this knowledge, you cannot be expected to perform to your full capacity workcover lawyer so it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to request a complete job description in writing before accepting the job.

Compensation for Accidents or Injuries Sustained

If the nature of your job requires that you engage in dangerous acts like fire fighting, or using power tools, your employer is legally obligated to compensate you for any injuries (physical or mental) sustained along the course of duty. However, many companies add a “personal responsibility” clause to an employee’s contract which allows them to refuse payment if the accident was the employee’s fault. A personal injury lawyer can help you with navigating corporate responsibility while you apply for a claim.

It is imperative that you hire a personal injury lawyer in the event you feel you deserve compensation (whether or not the employer intends to pay) as corporate tend to avoid or reduce payment if possible. A lawyer will be able to argue your case better than you so always have the law on your side.

A Pension Scheme or Appropriate Remuneration at Retirement

Yet another factor that corporate will gloss over in contracts is the pension scheme or remuneration package that employees are entitles to if they serve the company over a set number of years. In many countries, governments join the corporate to add a share to the employees’ pension schemes so that on retirement, they will have a certain amount of money saved up. These function like trust funds in that they are untouchable until the legal retirement age.

Some countries provide pension schemes for their employees where monthly, a sum is shaved off their salary, but is then paid back to them monthly after retirement. Make sure there is provision for a trust fund or pension scheme when you are hired as it is the responsibility of the corporate to ensure you are taken care of after working for them.

Workplace Bullying – A Common Syndrome

Nowadays, bullying at workplace has become very common and colleagues are intentionally trying to hamper each others’ credibility with the sole motive of self growth. However, this intention hampers the organizational environment and the sole purpose of achieving the common goal goes for a toss. Organizational conflict is nothing new but when an employee continuously faces ill-treatment from others it becomes harmful for the particular employee to survive. 

Bullies do not necessarily come from the higher authorities or the colleagues at same level, harassments might also come from subordinates. Harassments like non verbal, physical or psychological happening at offices premises may not be unknown to others in the organization as well. A few organizations do have in house workplace bullying mediators but majority of the business houses do not have the facility of the same. Most of the organizations fail to realize that persistent abuse at work for a particular employee might result to attrition or confusion among other employees whether to continue in that particular company or not. Quality of work life defines an individual’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction at workplace which makes the issue even more critical to be taken up by the business houses. A dispute management cell within the organization can be the ideal solution but there are chances that the cell itself can get victimized from pressure within.

And workplace bullying mediators are the ideal solutions in such cases. They are the ones who are well equipped, experienced and allowed to work independently as well as neutrally. It has been seen that a wrongly managed dispute gets very costly and hurts the organizational relationships and business with time. The situations might also get out of hand and attract legal interventions hampering the name of the business as well as the interest of all the stakeholders. Dispute management is ideally done in such a way that the process remains respectful and creates a win-win situation for all the parties.

There are third party dispute mediators who are professionally trained and experienced in the line of mediation who ensure impartial way of conflict management at work. However, the onus remains with the organization to train the team leaders and managers about the art of conflict management. As early intervention to all petty disputes is a proven way to control harassments at work place, employees should feel secure about his or her privacy and respect when they approach the concerned conflict management cell to express their grievances otherwise the whole idea of dispute management dies at the very onset.

The workplace abuse has a very negative way of hampering one’s personal life as well. Hence it is of immense importance that workplaces should consider hiring the professionals and sort out any dispute that is related to bullying at the soonest possible moments.

How To Find The Right Lawyer To Assist You With Your Asset Planning?

Planning for your assets and properties is no longer an easy task. If you are one of those with a number of properties to handle, then you for sure need a piece of advice from an expert. But with a number of lawyers available to help you with your asset management, how do you choose the reliable one from among them?

Estate planning in Melbourne is no longer easy and to find a lawyer to help you with the same is no easier. Thanks to the various resources that are available now days, you can always tap the right resources and can make use of some legal and professional assistance. We here bring across some tips which can help you in case you are finding it hard to find an attorney for your asset management.

To start with, one of the best ways to find a reliable attorney for your estate planning is by asking your friends or family. While making a will and keeping all the assets in place is one service which used by many and hence your family or friends can help you with some good references. You can find many who will not only help you with some good references but they will also warn against some bad lawyers too.

In case you have a financial advisor, you can make sure you also have another useful resource to get the needed information you need. Your financial advisor can help you with the contact details of some of the best lawyers in your area who can help you with the planning of your estates.

Whenever you get in touch with your lawyer, it is important you be transparent about all your assets and also mention to them about any flaws too. You can then take some suggestions from them and then decide for yourself if the attorney indeed has the needed knowledge and expertise.

A number of attorneys who are into planning of assets depends a lot of accountants and thus you can gather a whole lot of information about the best attorney from your accounts division. Your accountant might as well know a number of lawyers in your area.

You can also contact some of the other lawyers outside of the references you get. You can fix up an appointment with them to discuss about your properties and how to you wish to add them in your will. You can search for some of the best lawyer online too. A number of them have their own website where all their services and reviews from their previous clients are mentioned.

So, choose the right lawyer for managing and planning your assets and secure the future of your family.

Working in a Reputed Field


It may not be very easy to get to a place where you would be highly praised. However if you try enough that could be achieved as well. If you set a goal for yourself and achieve it step by step you could get there in anytime. With the necessary skills and qualification, getting where you want to go won’t be that hard.

However lawyers nowadays are highly corrupted but there are some good souls remaining. Rather than brining justice many legal representatives are focused on making money. Therefore they would go out of their ways to do so. Yet they still get a good reputation among all other professions.

Therefore if you are a person who is true to yourself and still wants to work in a field that has a good reputation, law field may be what you were searching for. So here are some ways for you to become one of those lawyers in Warragul. This field basically requires a degree and then slowly you can make it to the top. Having this qualification you could work in any sector that you prefer. The basic qualifications that you need would be, an approved law degree, practical legal training, admission to roll of legal representative, application needed for practicing certificate.

The first thing you would need to come into this profession would be having a basic law degree and if you are hoping to come into this field in Australia, you could select for a good law school from The Council of Australian Law Deans. Once this is achieved you need to train as a graduate and complete the Practical Legal Training (PLT). The reason for this qualification is that it focuses on some basic skills such as interviewing clients, negotiation, advocacy and legal writing and drafting and such. Once you get these qualifications you need to start practicing law itself.  You can visit this page to know the best lawyers that you can find and to see the great qualities that makes them on top of their game. 

This could be a great benefit to you because one you enter this field it is a must that every attorney should apply and maintain a practicing certificate. These are main things that you need to keep in mind when you enter this field. Whether it is to follow your dream or achieve your parent’s goal you would want to do it properly without any errors. It may not seem as easy as it is but it is not a reason why you should achieve. Though this field has been corrupted by many, it has become unfair to those who would want to bring justice and not money. It is still reputed and recognized all around the world.


Why Is It Important To Find Employers Who Compensate For Injuries?

Employees are entitled to be compensated for many things. If you work long hours and got sick, or if you get injured while working or any other trauma caused by the working environment the company should pay you for the damages. But not all employers are generous enough to compensate for everything. They would much likely take any measure to avoid the situation. It is important to check if your employer provides this facility before you start work.

You feel safer

When you know you are being covered if anything happens you feel lot safer. But if your employer doesn’t provide care or compensate you for injuries at work, then it can be pretty serious for you both financially and physically. Because if in case an injury happened while working you won’t be able to go to work for several days and you need to spend for medication. It is a major thing and you need to consult employment lawyers at HD Laywers in case you feel like it is unfair. But to begin with you need to talk to your employers before starting work about the policy.

You feel less stressed

When you know you have a policy like that in the company you feel much better and less stressed. If there are no policies like that you may feel quite stressed out all the time. For example if you work at a garment and you work with the machines, there is a higher chance you will have an injury at some point and it would make you stressed to know that if that happened you won’t be covered and you will have to contact car accident lawyers at Gold Coast get some justice.

Attorneys cost a lot

If your company doesn’t provide a payment if you get injured at work, you can easily hire a lawyer to sort it out for you. But the problem is the attorneys are not cheap. So you will either have to get a big enough payment to cover your legal fees and the medical bills or you simply pay for the medical bills and carry on. But it is important to find a company where it states clearly in the agreement that they provide for any injuries caused at work. Or for any work related issues.

You cannot change jobs often

If you start working at one place and after you get injured and found out that they don’t compensate, you will need to pay for your own bills and sort it out. May be you can change the job later. But you cannot do this very often. So you need to limit it to few jobs. It reflects badly on your resume and you need to be careful when selecting an employer.

Undergo Smooth Legal Operations With Criminal Attorneys

The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to represent the people who have been accused of indulging themselves in any crime. These can sometimes be felonies or also be misdemeanors. The punishments for committing various crimes range from a small amount of fine to serving the rest of their life in prison. Even it can be a death sentence too. Whatever the punishment is, in this whole procedure such specialized attorneys play an important role.

What services can he offer?

A criminal lawyer can help you present things regarding your defense to the jury. He can also help you negotiate any kind of penalty if you have been bestowed with them. If a person is suspected of a particular crime or even if he has actually been charged with violations of the law of the country, the attorney can decrease the level of penalty that he has been sentenced to. Legislation differs from state to state and it is extremely crucial that one hires an attorney from within the state where the alleged violation has occurred.

The services of criminal defense attorneys include:

  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • DWI
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Homicide
  • Probation or revocation
  • Theft
  • Drug related offenses
  • Sealing or expunging of criminal records

Why are they important?

The importance of a criminal lawyer is pretty much clear, though people sometimes fail to realize it. Some major constitutions across the world require the accused person’s presence in the courtroom only along with a legal representative. For the people who do not have a clear idea of the significance of taking help of a legal representation, it is essential to know what exactly these lawyers perform. Criminal defense attorneys help you gain a smooth rescue or sometimes an easier bail. They may show some causes or evidence that will free you sooner.

They defend you against the charges

Criminal attorneys before the judge in the court represent you, the defendant. They are also largely called public defenders. The federal government has the power of hiring them for various purposes which defend an accused person in the court. They offer you advice and assistances which you could not even imagine would be so useful. He works as a watchdog if the police and their activities are within the exact parameters of the law.

The criminal law is extremely complex and you may end up paying more than the required fine amount if you try self-representation. If you are under arrest, consider calling up your criminal attorney as soon as possible. If you do not have one in your contact, ask your friends or relations to arrange for one.